“Brian has a unique approach to recording…he is the funkiest bass player I’ve ever worked with, by far…you name it, he’s got you covered. ”

Paul Dean – Loverboy

Those using Pro-tools, Logic, Sonar, Cubase, Nuendo, Saw, Garageband, Digital Performer and other Mac/PC software applications will follow this general process:

Step 1 for online studio bass player process You send me an MP3 or WAV file of your song(s) via email, a file transfer service or post. If you have ideas for the bass track, please send me one version of the song that includes those ideas and also one with no bass. If you’ve used a click track or metronome be sure to include the tempo or “beats per minute” of the track. (If you’re interested in anything to do with the signal path such as preamps check out the gear page)
Step 2 for online studio bass player process Then we have a discussion via Skype (or by phone) or simply by email and trade our thoughts, talk about and even listen to examples of what you’re wanting on the track along with suggestions you’d like incorporated into my performance.
Step 3 for online studio bass player process Next, I lay down a bass track in my studio that is tailored to your specs and send an MP3 proof for your approval.
Step 4 for online studio bass player process Once you’ve listened to bass performance, you can request changes if so desired and then I finalize the track(s).
(NOTE: NO payment is made by you until you are completely satisfied.)
Step 5 for online studio bass player process Being completely satisfied, you sign off on the track(s).
Step 6 for online studio bass player process You make payment via PayPal or INTERAC eTransfer for those in Canada.
Step 7 for online studio bass player process Finally, once I receive payment I send you the finalized bass tracks in WAV format via Hightail.com or another similar file transfer site making them available for download anywhere in the world. This completes the transaction for that particular song or group of songs.

If you have any further questions about the process contact Brian directly >>