MIDI Bass played on the revolutionary “PRO-5” Electronic Bass

Wouldn’t you rather have a Synth Bass track played from the idiom of a real Bass Player instead of attempting to program it yourself?

Bass performance subtleties, such as plucks, slaps and grace notes never sound the same coming out of a machine because they lack the feel and energy only a real bass player can bring to your song.

As a respected world-class pro, Brian has assisted in the development of 4 & 5 string MIDI basses made by Australia’s “Industrial Radio”. To see the bass in action, you can check out their YouTube channel here. Brian is currently Consulting for Inventor Steve Chick, of Sydney Australia providing Pro Development, and User Feedback Support for his revolutionary “MIDI BASS” invention… an “Electronic Bass” – MIDI Controller… that can trigger any type of Synth Bass… or Plug-In Bass Sound.

Brian's Industrial Radio PRO-5 MIDI Bass

With his PRO-5 Midi BASS in-hand, Brian can uniquely deliver Synth and Plug-in Bass tracks that actually capture the feel of a true Bass Player…playing from an Electric Bass Idiom.

It’s a great alternative for those looking for something a little different. If you’re interested in finding out more about Brian’s equipment and setup, check out his gear page >>


Here’s Steve Chick’s MIDI BASS Technology in action…as Brian plays his former Midi Bass version… using a DX-Moog type Bass Sound with… The David Foster Band!

For more information on Midi Bass Sounds for your next tune or project, contact Brian today >>