“Hey Brian–you’re a part of my history just like I’m part of yours for sure!!!–you’re a bad ass bass player!! for as long as I’ve known you — it’s true-you are an amazing musician-world class. hope you’re well – best – DF”

David Foster – Multi-Grammy Award Winning Producer

“Brian is one of my favourite bass players. he always puts everything he has into the song and lays it down like a great drummer. his pocket is perfect and he is completely sensitive to what else is going on in the track…can’t go wrong with the Briman.”

Robbie Buchanan – Renowned L.A. Studios Keyboardist, Arranger, Producer

“Brian is a first class musician who plays with great feel: Solid and melodic; creative and disciplined. You can’t go wrong with Brian driving the bass.”

Bill Henderson – Chilliwack

“Brian has a unique approach to recording. He’s always been a cutting edge computer guy, and a gear nut with a vast collection of basses, but unique in that he has the technical ability AND monster talent to get it all on disc, with the right sound and the right groove. I’ve known Brian forever, we were in a couple of bands together, and he is the funkiest bass player I’ve ever worked with, by far. And I’ve played in a lot of bands! But so has Brian. He’s played r-n-r, r-n-b, jazz – you name it, he’s got you covered. Maybe you’re wondering how fretless might sound on your tune? Before you try playing THAT on a keyboard… Better call Brian.”

Paul Dean – Loverboy

“I have had the pleasure of producing recordings that Brian has played on, and have also been on sessions with him that others have produced. In each case, he was the right choice. He can play boldly, in your face bass – as well as tastefully sparse. And he knows when and where to step up, or step back. This is a byproduct of his many years of experience playing all kinds of musical styles, with all kinds of musicians, some well known celebrities, and others just getting started. He is a gentle giant and one of the most professional people I know. Together we have played with Celine Dion, Brian Adams, David Foster, Ray Charles, Peter Cetera, Shari Ulrich, Boz Scaggs, Kenny Rogers, and Sheena Easton, to name a few. I know that getting Brian to play on your recording session will be not only rewarding, it will make you smile.”

Bill Sample – Composer, Producer, Music Director

“In both studio tracking and live performance, Brian continues to be one of the most solid and musical bassists I’ve had the pleasure to work with. A master of “old school” while always on the cutting edge of new music & new tech, Brian’s playing has “made the difference” on many of my projects for film, tv and artist recordings as well.”

George Blondheim – Multi award winning composer, producer, pianist and conductor.

“Brian is a fabulous bass player live and especially at the studio level. His many years of ‘A’ level experience are highlighted by his taste, great feel, great time and exceptional musicality. A player that knows what not to play as well as where to play out, without obstructing and always listening and respecting the song first. He has beautiful varied basses and his sound is killer! He and I have worked online for very happy and satisfied clients for the past 5 years. I highly recommend his services!”

Phil Robertson – studio and live drummer