“Brian–you’re a bad ass bass player!! for as long as I’ve known you–it’s true-you are an amazing musician-world class.-DF”

David Foster – Multi-Grammy Award Winning Producer

“Brian–you’re a bad ass bass player!! for as long as I’ve known you–it’s true-you are an amazing musician-world class. -DF”

David Foster – Multi-Grammy Award Winning Producer

Pro Studio Bassist Brian Newcombe Offers You Unparalleled Online Session Bass Tracks

Brian has played with the likes of David Foster, Celine Dion and the Atlanta Symphony, Richard Marx and the Chicago Symphony, Bryan Adams, Paul Anka, Kenny Rogers, Michael Bolton, Peter Cetera, Kenny G, Chicago, Sheena Easton, Kenny Loggins, Boz Scaggs, Warren Wiebe and Denise Williams. and now he can play for you!
World-Class Bass Tracks Delivered Online

Don’t settle for programmed bass tracks on your tunes when you can hire a world-class bass player at reasonable rates to deliver tracks directly to you over the internet. Brian has played bass for some of the biggest names in music and can bring a wealth of expertise and skill to your musical project. Rates are scaled depending on the project, resulting in unbeatable prices on his services for everyone from an independent singer-songwriter to studio or label projects. Everyone wins!


A Real Bass Player makes all the difference!

While every style of music has its place, audiences and artists alike are hungry again for the sound of real musicians. The inflections and intricacies of fingers on strings cannot be mimicked by a machine, no matter how far technology has come. A perfectly positioned grace-note, pluck or slap can bring a bass track to life and provide your tune with an energy that it would otherwise lack. Interested in finding out more? Click here to contact Brian for more information >>

By hiring Brian to play bass on your next project you’re in very good company! He’s performed on recording projects for some of the following Record Labels:

Brian has played bass on albums for Sony, Disney, Motown, WEA, Altantic Records, Capitol, and many more!

  • A&M Records Inc.
  • Capital Records Inc.
  • Columbia Records
  • EMI Records
  • Motown Records
  • Polydor Records
  • Polygram Records
  • Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
  • RCA Canada
  • Walt Disney Records
  • WEA Records
  • Wicklow
  • BMG Classics
  • Windham Hill Records
  • Arise Records
  • Attic Records
  • Aural Tradition Recordings
  • Black Bear Records
  • Blue Leaf Music Ltd.
  • Bongo Beat Records
  • Broken Records
  • Brouhaha Records Group
  • Coyote Records
  • Curb Records
  • Casino Records
  • Coyot Records
  • Diamond Ridge Music
  • Esther Records
  • Festival Records
  • Island Records
  • Jerico Beach Music
  • Lucy Records Ltd
  • Mushroom Records
  • Machea Records
  • Night Flight Records
  • Pacific Records
  • Padaca Records
  • PEG Music
  • Quiddity Records
  • Royalty Records
  • Spirit Records
  • Sutherland Cove Music
  • Vera Cruz Records
  • Village Records
  • Vineyard Music Group
  • Western Roots Music
  • Windboxmusic Inc.
  • World Records
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